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Though we'd like to believe that our pet dogs are docile, obedient, peaceful and angelic creatures, the truth is all dogs are capable of possessing some sort of aggressive behavior.
Dog aggression can cause harm to your property, to other dogs and even to you and your family if not dealt with properly.

And the only way that you will be able to deal with it is by getting to the root of the problem immediately. Want to know more on what causes dog aggression? Read on to find out more.
Dog aggression towards strangers
Dogs are naturally inclined to become aggressive to strangers. Because of their innate protective personalities, it's often part of their nature to exhibit aggression towards people and animals that are not familiar to them.
But this can easily be resolved with the help of socialization training exercises such as regular walks at the park or letting them loose for awhile and allowing them to discover things on their own.
Ideally, socialization training should start while dogs are still pups as this is a crucial stage for developing the senses that helps them pick up signs that should be considered threatening in their adult lives.

Dog aggression towards family members
As dogs don't normally show any aggression towards their family members or even the people they consider family, there are a few notable instances that may cause this erratic behavior.
First, if you're dog has just given birth to puppies and it feels that you may be a threat to the young ones' lives.

Second, if you're playing with your dog's food or water when they're in the process of consuming it because they can be possessive with their food.

And third, when you have become aggressive towards your dog and it views your aggressive behavior as a threat to their well being.

If you want to fix this, take your dog to a dog obedience training center immediately before they start to cause any harm to you, your family and your property.
Dog aggression towards other dogs
Dogs are usually sociable with other dogs but once it feels that it's being undermined in the pack, that's when it suddenly becomes an attacker. If you notice that your dog has started to exhibit aggressive behavior towards your other dogs, then it's advisable that you try to keep the aggressive dog away from the others for the time being.

Try to pinpoint what could be the cause of this tension by carefully observing their behavior. If you can take away whatever it is that has triggered the fight, go ahead and do so.

Try not to worry so much as the aggression usually blows over after awhile. It's never part of a dog's personality to hold grudges.

Dogs make the best pets compared to other animals but not when it starts to develop a mind of its own and just starts to attack anyone. Fortunately dog aggression can be stopped by using the techniques you have learned properly. And as always start training your dog today.